Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Hypocrisy at Its Finest

(Maybe this post will be cancelled too... who knows? O well.) Ok! now. Here we go again! Everyday you read the news and there is always something that makes you shake your head. Yes, like this picture above. It is late but I couldn't be quiet about that. As I am writing these few lines, I am thinking about a conversation that my late Dad had with his two friends back in the 90's. My father was so upset about the situation of my country. things and precarity in which the people were living in Did NOT make any sense knowing what the country itself was producing. ( Btw a situation that has never improved but getting worse. no comment) That poverty in which a small population were living in, while all the goods and money the country was making, were going straight to a small group of those gravitating around the Head of the country... Because of that injustice and for that reason,my father decided to start political activism and then later on, he entered politics in his way. I saw our lives, my family life literally changed because of that decision. So, his friends in that conversation told him : " Look A. You can't be a politician, because your heart is too honest to be one" I think they meant by that if you want to be a real politician you must learn to be fake and being hypocrite when it is needed for your interest. But my father believed that we can't always accept to be quiet. When I was young, I didn't understand it but as I am getting a complete mature adult,i understand now what they meant. Seriously, it makes sense to me now. The more I read the politicians' antics, the more I kind of stop believing in their words. I think one of the most honest quotes from a president that still resonates in my head and a quote that makes sense to me is the one of JFK on his inaugural speech
, " Ask Not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country " That's for me summarizes Everything! that quote means for me stop hoping and waiting for the government to do this and that for you. Expect nothing from politicians. Stop complaining bc it will get you nowhere. However, stand up, stop being a victim and bring your skill, add your two cents in the development of your country. Be a proud Patriot. Love your country. That quote is so pragmatic and realistic that if many people in the World understood it , things would have been different. Every morning stand up for the "walk of life". Anyway, now let's look into AOC's dress at the Met Gala. So, to those who maybe wonder what the Met Gala is? If you are familiar with Vogue Magazine,you might have read about that event. It is a fundraising gala for the fashion industry raising money for the costume institute. It takes place in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum of Art every year i think. The contribution per seat is $30,000. Now, I really don't know if Ms. AOC went there for Free or if she paid that seat but being there with that printed words on her dress doesn't make any sense to me. My first thought was how hypocritical it is! judging on her position, I don't think she is anybody in America. She is a public figure. She is a congresswoman and so on. (Btw what really saddens me these days is to see how everything is now politized. Charity events, fashion magazines, the Oscars, the Grammys, the Golden Globes...the list goes on. I mean come on! For that reason, I stopped watching these events.)
The part that made me shake my head even more, is when AOC responded "...what it means to be a working class woman of color..." yes she needed to add that detail. O my! They (the left) can't stop using the racial card to make a statement. can't they? Why always using race to make a point? Before being Black or White, we are Humans right?! Honestly, if she was just saying being a working class woman, I would definitely understand her concern. But why using the race to...? (sigh) ok...let" s move on to my thought on this post now. Her dress says "tax the rich" but then she is among those rich attending a luxurious event raising money for fashion. I said for fashion. Spending good times with them which is not a bad thing per say but why being hypocrite by wearing and displaying that dress? The question is maybe: 1\ Whose rich was she refering to? I admit, I don't know much about her. I am not interested to know more about her because what I read so far about her is she would rather care about the climate change than unborn babies'lives and yes I say it: I am Pro Life. (Abortion vs being Pro Life is another discussion) The truth is i am not a big fan of her ideology either. She many times says and do contradictions and to be honest, that picture of her with that dress doesn't surprise me anymore. She believes in socialism but she grew up ( can i say that?) in a capitalist country. and to me she seems to live in a bubble, her world away from reality. To me socialism seems to be good theoretically, good in appearance but please some young people need to understand that NOTHING IS FREE. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH. IF YOU GET SOMETHING FREE JUST KNOW THAT SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IS SWEATING AND PAYING FOR YOU TO GET IT for "FREE" or free. If someone giving you something and says it is "free" maybe ask how and why it is free? You have to be naive to believe in free services, free this, free that... No it is not and it is even unfair to those who are working hard in that kind of system. this is a complete other subject. Not for this post. i don't know how many Americans can afford a seat at the Met Gala honestly? So far those that i saw on the red carpet are either Hollywood actors, athletes, some politicians... so to respond to that question, i think Not many i guess. Maybe ..not. Sometimes i feel like those "leaders" like AOC who are always trying to lecture us on how we should be living are the type of the "do as I say,not as I do" and it literally exhaust me but what can we do? Mostly those of the Left know how know? do it. At the end of the day, we should choose what and who to Listen to. Our children need to know what is right, what is true, what is important. Maybe before judging one should be curious to know what is AOC's net worth? How much does she make as a congress woman? I don't know...just some questions to have. Tell me what you think about it? I might be wrong but to me that's hypocrisy at its finest.

Monday, August 30, 2021

2 posts canceled?

2 posts canceled by blogger. uh uh! ok...well... I try to see what I say wrong? how did I violate the community guidelines? Was it my thoughts on terrorism? illegal immigration? or my analysis of the book Americanah? Losing a dear family member? I don't understand... I wish I could at least get a message about what i said exactly that was wrong

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Otiti Design New collection

πŸ‘— @ Riverisland πŸ‘œ @ Otiti Design. . Hi! everyone today I thought I could share something different. something more cheerful 🌞 something for women. Otiti Design ( pronounced as oteetee. it's in my native language meaning the star) you can read more about that brand in the Facebook page and Instagram @otitidesign the owner designer uses the special raphia of Gabon to make the new purses. it takes time and work because we like artisanal work. It is the new collection after the wax purses/ pouches that I showed you last year. you can also read the owner'story on the blog the brand used to have their website but things changed. We will open it again later.
Model 2 and others
there is something special about the raphia of Gabon. the way we work it. some people don't know until they see it we take pride of our natural resources and we want to share it to the world. you can visit the pages and encourage us if you want and like it. We ship them worldwide. as you can see I have mine in the pictures. I like our purses and our work. people who value handmade products will definitely like them. yes it is a new business and a new brand we are working on making our purses known. we make them with love.
πŸ‘• & πŸ‘‘ @Zara πŸ‘– @H&M πŸ•Ά @Balenciaga πŸ‘œ @Otiti Design On a beautiful sunny 🌞afternoon 🌴☀️ in my hometown
I end this post with this song of a young Gabonese artist.


Now ok! My question today is : where are the feminists? Dear feminists where are you? why aren't you walking and manifesting in support of women in Afghanistan?? what about their Rights too? why are you quiet about it? ( by the way i will have a post on why i do not follow feminism anymore) You Hollywood celebrities? why don't you use your social media accounts and use your platform to talk about what is happening there? you should be the voice of the voiceless. those who can't voice their opinion freely. those who do not have your popularity. we saw you talking trash on Donald Trump. pushing the Biden Administration to win and trashing the police every single day but why not using that same energy to talk about the death of women and children in Afghanistan? silence...
why don't you even manifest sadness for your own military dying there? we only see funny videos, fashion, parties but what about that situation?
You the international community or whatever you are called or call yourself. what are you doing? Do something! And where is the United Nations? always when we need you the most you seem quiet or unable to do something. what's going on? o my.. this world is sad or a cold place?
i am confused as to why the world is kind of quiet and doing NOTHING some people feel like what is happening there, isn't their business or concern. but you seem to forget that a threat somewhere can eventually become a threat everywhere. We seem to forget history...ok, well... My heart is really broken. i don't understand. I am still trying to understand the beginning of all that... Because believe it or not it didn't just happen like that. i go online and read as much as possible. it breaks my heart to see how the politics have played such an important role in this disaster some people around the world may not be interested at all about this situation. but let me remind you that when 9/11 happened we, i mean, WE All around the world paid and still paying for some reasons, the consequences of that terrorist attack. we are going through the stress of TSA etc at the airports. You must remove your shoes, your purses, this and that. Some women even had to live the humiliation of removing their tops even their bras yes, because of all these "security procedures" Yes, it used to be fun to travel back in the days. i remember we could just go through the exits with no worries and stress. but now it is a constant stress to go through this process of feeling constantly like a threat when they and you know that You are not. Do you remember when we could go to the cockpit and say hello to the crew? and ask to see the view of the sky? my father allowed me sometimes to do it while they put the automatic navigation. it was amazing! the view of the clouds, the sun was amazing and i thought i would be like him. So they were 3 of them in the cockpit i think ( i have to remember). the pilot the copilot and the third one of the team. After 9/11 it was forbidden to go in the cockpit and i read somewhere that they automatically lock it. It seems safe but not always. remember the story of that pilot who had mental troubles. they said he was a good student but little did they know about his mental health. What did he do? he made the complete plane going down to crash. nobody could enter the cockpit to help the other pilot. and basically passengers saw the end of their lives just like that. These are some of the consequences. As a former international student in America, tell me more about the consequences of 9/11. our student visa is extremely stressful. All thanks to those terrorists. These people need Salvation. yes they need Jesus. So I read that the Taliban are taking control of the entire country little by little Remember that what is happening now isn't just a coincidence. it is a result of many situations that only the leaders of this world know and yes we know it because we remember all the events. Remember that Afghanistan hasn't always been like that before. Just know that women weren't always dressed with burkas like that. Just know that girls used to get access to Education and had dreams like you and me. it tells you how things can change any time especially in political instability times. i know a little bit something about that. Dear God, How can a holy book create so much anger? i am so confused as to why and how a holy book can create extremism? i am absolutely Confused... sometimes i ask to discuss about that ro some friends who are in that religion but they always get angry when you even try to ask that question politely. And some people always find a way to justify that? come on! Nowhere in the Bible Jesus Christ preached anger and extremism. As a matter of fact, Christianity consists on love and forgiveness. people make fun of our faith in Jesus. Good for them. but clearly they have no solutions either. They make fun of Jesus Christ but the Bible doesn't teach us to bomb a place or to attack innocent lives. actually we are asked To pray for the forgiveness of our enemies. . Now dear humans, when people that you don't know protest somewhere. or cry do not always be indifferent because you don't know the tomorrow of your peace. Be curious and ask them questions. They might be warning you of something. Maybe because they don't look like you. maybe because they don't speak your language you don't care. but human cause is always human cause no matter what. Sometimes it is not about being Black or White or is about being humans that's all. The fact that someone's country and culture aren't internationally known or may look small to your eyes or unknown to u, that doesn't mean that their country and their culture mean nothing. because there are people, families who share something in common. They make a country. they make a part of the world. thank you for reading . I would like to apologize for the quality of my writings. my computer has issues since a while now. i can't write properly. i use my cellphone and it is difficult because of my eyesight issues. but my mind...couldn't be quiet. . Now to close this post i found that video touching and i want to share it with you
and this is for us people of the world... Someone once asked me what's the point of fighting for justice, denunciation of the bad. the world is already falling apart. my answer is simple: if we have to give up on everything, what's the point of living on this earth? then let's die without doing something. No my thought is to fight for justice till the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. fight for justice, the truth to prevail. fight to leave a safe place to our children, the generations after. we need to fight to put the light on the evil. push the evil away as much as we can. you bring your two cents in the idea of saving this world. we can still fight for justice , for hope. children need us and look up to us to show them the way. as the Bible says teach them the way. The way of the Truth. When people come up with all kind of strange theories to divide humankind, we who love justice and the truth must do the right thing. Tes this world is getting worse. but love is still abounding. we need more love in this world I see my son and i want him to know that we didn't use to live with masks on our faces. We were never forced to get vaccines in order to enjoy the outdoors and public places. i want him to know that a girl is a girl and a boy is a boy. No matter what they will tell him outside. i want him to know that Black or White or Asians we are all a Human race. i want him to know that in times of troubles, political instability, and oppression, being quiet is accepting and consenting with the enemy. he needs to know that some causes are simply human causes and not always about races. I see brave people protesting around the world against the COVID requirements imposed by The Deciders. It takes courage to stand up and fight for freedom. They want you to have vaccine passports in order to eat a restaurant etc. Come on! what's that? what kind of life is it? i want him to know that Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life no matter how many spiritual theories people will come up with outside. remember what the Bible teaches us. just be unshakable in your faith in the Lord our God. he must understand the importance of human rights. fight and defend human rights. freedom. freedom is important. freedom is everything. We were born free. respect people with their differences. keep the love and respect because we all seek for dignity. We all long for dignity. that's why some people leave their countries. Refugees, illegal immigrants, the homeless, the patient at the hospital. They all want and seek for their dignity. The minute you take away dignity from someone, you kill him inside ( picture: US Marine saving a baby) May God takes care of this beautiful baby...

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Pray for Afghanistan

Dear readers this is not going to be a long post today. My heart is broken... I just want to say: " let's pray for Afghanistan" After reading the news and watching what is happening now it is difficult to be indifferent. I am deeply sad and shocked. i don't know if i should be angry or...i dont know. The people always suffer the decisions of those leaders. They are selfish. As MJ sang "They Don't Care About Us" and i believe that it is True. they really don't care... Please pray for the children especially girls and women. pray for the families. pray for the babies pray for the Christians who live and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ pray for a better way to handle the situation there. Everyday we wake up to read some bad news. This world we are living in is falling apart? My heart, my thoughts and prayers for the Afghan people. I honestly don't know what will happen tomorrow. It is is a scary situation. There are things that I am really confused about. so many whys in my head with no real answers. Please pray for the peace of Afghanistan... a little walk on memory lane. few years ago i went to Smithsonian museum to discover the Afghan Art. I want to share it with u

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Carnet d'un Retour/2

Hello tout le monde! cela fait un bail que j'ai poste ici et sur ma chaine YouTube. voila quelques petits Vlogs sur my life in Libreville. comme vous pouvez le voir il n'y a rien de special. j apprecie juste un temps en famille. vous avez vu mes Vlogs dans mon village et dans ma ville je suis a Libreville pour plus de raisons familiales en ce moment je dirai. Depuis le deces de mon Pere je n'avais pas encore remis pieds sur Libreville. Le Gabon ce n'est certainement pas parfait mais c'est ma Terre.j'ai tellement de souvenirs precieux. c'est la Terre de mes ancetres. il y a une Histoire.... Je peux etre frustree par certaines choses que j'observe mais c'est mon pays. le vert jaune bleu est mon drapeau. On est toujours mieux chez soi qu'ailleurs. Ici je travaille sur la reconstruction de la maison familiale et la construction de ma maison. Je suis aussi sur le projet de renovation de l appartement de ma soeur que je mettrai a louer. Peut etre serez vous interesses? qui sait? alors celui ci est plus complique car il y a le probleme de l' humidite puisqu il est juste en bordure se mer Je ferai un update dessus en Vlogs avec le temps. la construction c'est passionant mais c'est beaucoup de sacrifice, du temps, de travail et d'argent. c'est un pari en famille que je me suis faite mais j'apprends beaucoup a travers cette experience Bref! voila quelques Vlogs de ma life in Libreville. ca fait des mois de cela. je vous reviendrai quand je peux bisous!! Xoxo
suite. je partage mes petites activites
les choses ont beaucoup change dans mon pays mais ainsi va la vie!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Posh en Vogue Magazine

Ce post est court c'est juste pour annoncer ceci: Mon magazine est enfin la! Il a deux couvertures et vous verrez cela si vous vous le procurez. Desolee celui ci m'a ete un peu imposee quand je le telechargeais dans Amazon. voici la page couverture originale
Mais bon c'est fait! Le mgazine Posh en Vogue est publie! C'est le premier numero. Je vous montre quelques pages ici pour avoir une idee
J'espere avec le temps changer certaines choses mais pour le moment je suis deja satisfaite de la premiere publication. J'ai fait les deux versions c'est a dire numerique et imprimee. N'oubliez pas de visiter mon website
Je n'ai pas poste de nouveaux articles ces temps ci. Je suis dans mon univers et occupee mais je devais finir avec ce projet enfin. Merci de m'avoir lu et decouvrez mes debuts en magazine. Creer un magazine a toujours ete mon souhait.
Vous allez decouvrir ma passion en ecriture.